On Sunday 22 July the students of the Summer Academy will go on an excursion to the province of Groningen. Of course, the magnificent Schnitger organs in Martinikerk (1740) and Der Aa-kerk (1679, 1702, 1858) will be part of the program. 
In addition to these instruments, the coach brings the students to the beautiful instrument in Leens, which was build by Hinsz in 1733. The closing concert of the excursion will be performed by Wolfgang Zerer, an old friend of the Haarlem Festival. He will play the 1651 Faber organ (tuned in meantone temperament!) in the Jacobuskerk in Zeerijp.

The schedule of the excursion:

· Ca. 7.00: departure from Haarlem
· 10.00-11.00 Der Aa-kerk Groningen (demonstration by Peter Westerbrink)
· 11.20-12.20 Martinikerk Groningen (demonstration by Henk de Vries)
· 14.00-15.00 Petruskerk Leens (demonstration by Sietze de Vries)
· 15.40 arrival Jacobuskerk Zeerijp
· 16.00 Closing excursion recital by Wolfgang Zerer in the Jacobuskerk Zeerijp
· Ca. 17.30: departure to Haarlem
· 21.00 Recital Jan Hage in St Bavo's  in Haarlem (Jets d'Orgue by Jan Vriend, click here)

To be fully prepared for this excursion, we suggest to visit the premiere of the documentary 'The Color of Air' on Thursday evening 19 July! Many organs from Groningen will be presented in this film.

Unfortunately the coach to Groningen is fully booked with Summer Academy students. If you arrange your own travel, you are most welcome to join us at the different locations. Please note that some churches will charge an entrance fee.