Information for Students Summer Academy 2022

For Students only!

Information Letter Summer Academy 2022

Welcome to Europe’s main Organ City! We are very pleased you will attend the Haarlem Organ Festival – some of you for the fifth or sixth time! Please read the information below carefully.

After arrival in Haarlem: go to your B&B first

If our organization has arranged your B&B accommodation, you will find the contact details of your guest house in the personal email. Before you travel to Haarlem, please contact your host(ess) to let him or her know your approximate arrival time. Also keep him or her informed on the day of arrival. The fee for the B&B is paid directly by our organization, so you don't have to pay anything yourself.

Then: go to the Festival Office

The Festival Office is situated in the Blauwe Zaal of the Philharmonie (Lange Begijnestraat 11, Haarlem, see No. 2 on the City Map). The Blauwe Zaal is the large room just at the right after entering the building.
The Festival Office Desk will be open on working days (Mon - Fri) from 8:00 - 13:15 hours. Please check in as soon as possible after arriving. Only if the first lesson on the Monday of your arrival is at a location other than St Bavo or Philharmonie, go to your lesson first and check in later. Otherwise you won't make it in time for your class, which starts at 8:30 hours. Reserving practice time is only possibe after 10:30 hours.

The Festival Office is closed on Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July!

During check-in at the Festival Office Desk you will receive your Summer Academy folder with a Program book, this information letter, a name badge and the updated schedule(s) including the locations of your masterclass(es). The schedules which you find on the website (see below) are provisional, although changes will be processed automatically. During the Festival only the updated schedules in your folder should be used.
The name badge is very important. With this badge, you have free access to all Festival concerts. You will need to show it to get access to your courses, concerts and other events. Do not forget to wear it visibly during the entire festival. Without the badge, access can be denied!
NB If you use a pacemaker, be sure that the magnet of the badge is not too close to this device!

Meeting place

The festival office is also a place to have a break with coffee / tea / soup and to meet professors and other students. After closure of the Office Desk at 13:15 hours you nevertheless can enter and drink a cup of coffee, tea or soup. Do not forget to pay for this! Although it costs only € 1, some students always ‘forget’.
Until 13:15 hours Peter Ouwerkerk is (most of the time) present to give you all information you need: about the Festival, but also where (not) to eat, shop, make copies, how to travel, if you need a doctor, dentist, taxi, plane, police, etc etc. Do not hesitate to ask! Please save non-urgent questions for quiet moments. And note that organ or music related questions can only be addressed to Peter, who is a professional organist himself. After 13.15 hours the room will be open but only a volunteer will be present to answer only non-festival related questions.
Changes in the time schedules will be affiched in the Office.

Internet access is available in the Festival Office: please choose ‘PHpubliek’ (without password, so limited protection).

The office is no place to store your suitcases. Unattended bags and suitcases will be removed. Only if you cannot leave them in your B&B, you can store them for a couple of hours maximum at your own risk in the hall below the organ in St Bavo’s. The church is closing at 17.00 hours, so be sure you pick up your belongings from there in time. Only for real emergency reasons (for instance you need medicines which are in your suitcase, or your plane is waiting for you), you can call Peter who will try to get your suitcase out of St Bavo's church. 

The Blauwe Zaal closes at 15.30 hours. After 16.00 hours there is no possibility to enter the building anymore; you will have to wait till the next morning – or the next Monday.


The Festival 24/7 cell phone number for urgent calls is 0031 6 2842 65 40. If Peter is not responding immediately, you will be connected to the voicemail. Please leave (or text) your name and message and he will call you back. 
Without urgence, please use this number only for sending a WhatsApp or short text message.
If there are problems with your guesthouse, try to solve them with your host(ess). Only if this fails you can text or call Maaike (0031 6 4975 28 67). If you decide to leave your B&B without good reason, no refund will be made.

Time and Location Schedules

Click here for all Time Schedules of the 2022 Summer Academy. Please be aware that all schedules are provisional and until the day of the course changes are possible!

The Summer Academy Rules

  • You are expected to attend all lessons of the courses you have subscribed for. In case you are absent in a lesson without valid reason your place will lapse immediately without refund. You will not receive an Academy certificate.
  • These personalized certificates will be handed out to all students from Thursday morning in the Festival Office. You are asked to show them by yourself to the professors for their signatures. If they are convinced you indeed followed all lessons, they will sign the certificate.
  • Be prepared that the more students are in your course the more efficient the teacher has to deal with playing time. In all cases only the teacher decides about who will play, but of course it is the ambition to let all students play for at least one time. We hope you will understand that playing all the pieces you prepared cannot be guaranteed, especially in courses with a lot of students. 
  • Complaints about the courses should be addressed to Peter and never be discussed before, during or after the lessons.
  • All Academy lessons should be interesting for the whole group and not for whom is playing only. If you are not sufficiently prepared the teacher has the right to shorten your playing time or even declare you as passive student.
  • It is not allowed to make audio or video recordings during the lessons without permission of the organization, the professor and the student who is playing. If the filming is very disturbing for teaching, the professor may ask to stop it at once. Be very critical and selective in what you publish on YouTube or any other social media, and always ask the organization for permission. Do not disturb the lessons by making audible remarks or making any other unnecessary sounds. 
  • The official entrance of St Bavo’s church near the statue on the Grote Markt (No. 1 on the city map in your Programme book) will be open from 10.00 till 17.00 hours. You can enter the church upon showing your badge. Without badge, you need to pay € 3 for an entrance ticket. To get into the church for each day’s first lesson (8:30 hours) please go to the small entrance at the opposite of the church: Oude Groenmarkt 22. Be in time: the group will be there waiting for Peter or his assistant with the key of the church. Please ring at the door in case nobody is waiting outside.
  • Each day a prayer service takes place in St Bavo’s from 12.30 till 13.15 hours. If you are on the organ loft, please do not disturb this service by playing on the organ. 

Time for practising: reservations in the Festival office

As many active students want to practice each student can have a maximum of 2 hours per week for practicing on organs in and around Haarlem. Practicing in St Bavo’s is not possible, and the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the Philharmonie is available for a limited time only. Reservations will be made per week by filling in a list in the Festival Office: 

  • from Monday 18 July, 10.30 hours you can make reservations for the first Academy week;
  • from Monday 25 July, 10.30 hours you can make reservations for the second week. 

The first in line gets the first choice. If you reserve more than 2 hours, all practice time will be erased. From Tuesday on you may reserve extra hours.

A very important rule!

In some cases you will get the key(s) of the practice church from the Festival Office. After your practice time, these keys should always be handed over to the next playeror (if no one shows up) you have to bring them back to the Festival Office. Never keep them in your possession, not even when you are late for your next class. If you do not bring them back, you will be excluded permanently for more practice possibilities. Concerning returning or handing over the church keys we have to be very strict!

Extra lessons

In most courses it is possible to follow extra lessons as a listener in a course you did not apply for. You need to make reservations in the festival office. Teachers are not in charge of giving permission to follow their lessons; you will get access with a valid ticket only, which can be purchased at the festival office for € 60 for a two-hour lesson. For those who are not registered as a student, following a single masterclass costs € 95.

Presentation recital

During the fourth lessons of each course the professor will decide who will play in the presentation recital which take place on Saturday 30 July 11.00 hours in St Bavo’s church.

Two excursions

  • On Sunday 24 July an excursion will bring us to three beautiful organs in the South of the country: Helmond, Den Bosch and Breda. The exact departure time of the coach, which will be around 8:45 AM, will be communicated clearly in the Festival Office. If you did not subscribe yet but want to join, please ask Peter during the Festival. 
  • On Wednesday 27 July we will go by bus to Alkmaar for the exiting recital by Andrés Cea Galán and Christophe Mantoux. Did you not reserve a place in the coach? During the Festival you can buy a ticket for this second Festival excursion. The costs for travelling by coach including the entrance to the Concert are € 15, to be payed in cash during Festival Office hours. A maximum of 45 students can travel by bus, others can go by train at their own expenses. The bus will leave at 19:00 hours sharp! 

To get to the bus, just walk from St Bavo’s church via Damstraat to the river Spaarne. See the 'P' right under No. 2 at the City Map.


During the festival there will be a stand with sheet music and CD’s in the Festival Office. CD’s will also be bought by several professors and in the Church Shop at the entrance of the church.

If you have some time left and wishes to do something nice:

  • visit Zandvoort Beach (15 minutes by train from Haarlem, or 30 mins by bike). Sunset around 21:45 hours!
  • visit Sweelinck’s ‘Oude Kerk’ in Amsterdam
  • don’t miss the famous Frans Hals museum in Haarlem...

Enjoy your stay in Haarlem! 

Peter Ouwerkerk (general manager)
Maaike Wijbrandi (B&B/guesthouses)
and all other volunteers!