The Summer Academy in 2022

Postponement details

Your subscription

The third postponement of the Haarlem Summer Academy obviously has consequences for students who have already registered and paid their course fees. 
What will happen to your registration?

Conditions to attend the Haarlem Summer Academy 2022

We cannot predict the COVID-19 (-20? -21? -22?) situation in 2022. We will have to take into account that health measures still prevail by that time. If so, the most important condition for participation in the Academy is that you are healthy, to be proven with a vaccination statement or a negative COVID test, which must be dated no earlier than July 16, 2022. If you cannot show us a document proving that you are healthy, you are not allowed to attend the Summer Academy masterclasses and concerts. If you have this document but are clearly showing corona-related symptoms, such as coughing, throat problems, or fever, we will immediately accompany you to see a doctor. If you refuse to have your condition screened, you will be refused further participation in the Summer Academy.

We give all students who already registered and paid for the Summer Academy 2020 and/or 2021 the following three options:

First option: retain your 2020 and/or 2021 subscription until 2022

The very good news is that all courses which are cancelled in 2020 will take place unaltered in 2022. 
The first option is that your registration for the courses you have already paid for in 2020 remains valid in 2022. This option gives you certainty about your participation in 2022. If you have also registered and paid for B&B accommodation, this arrangement will continue to apply in 2022. 

Second option: voucher
If you have already paid for courses in 2020 and retained your subscription until 2021, but participation is not possible in July 2022 or you are not yet sure about attending the Summer Academy in 2022, you can choose to receive a voucher for the number of courses registered and already paid. This voucher is redeemable in the Academies in July 2022, July 2024 or July 2026.
Price increases will not be passed on and anyone with a voucher will be kept informed so you will have priority when registering for and choosing courses. Please note that if you choose a voucher, your enrollment will be deleted and your rights expire. Other students can take your place in courses. 
The voucher is not personal. So it can be transferred to someone else, as long as this student meet the Academy requirements. If it turns out in 2026 that you have not been able to use the voucher, you will still be refunded your paid course fee.

Third option: reimbursement

If participation is not possible in July 2022 and you do not want to receive a voucher, the course fee already paid will be refunded immediately. Hopefully we will meet at a future Organ Festival in Haarlem.

This crisis of course has major financial consequences for the Organ Festival. If you decide to donate part of the refunded course fees, for example the registration fee, as a gift, that would be very much appreciated. It helps us to survive in this difficult time.

Free places

For those choosing Option 1, please note that as other students cancel enrollment, places will become available in currently fully booked courses. Registration will be reopened on January 1st, 2022, to fill the available course places. Students who choose to keep their registration and are interested, can add extra courses. The reopening will be announced in a Newsletter.

Let us know!

All registered Summer Academy students are personally requested to inform us of their choice by sending an email to If option 3 is chosen, please provide your bank account details and do not forget to let us know if you will be donating part of the fee.