Wu Wei

Wu Wei was born in China and studied the sheng (a Chinese mouth organ with ages of history) at the Shanghai Music Conservatory. In 1995 he got a scholarship and went to the Hans Eisler Music Academy in Berlin, where he is now living. Since 2013 he is Professor at Shanghai Music Conservatory. As a sheng soloist, he has helped to develop the ancient instrument into an innovative force in contemporary music, through the creation of new techniques, the expansion of its repertoire and through integrating different styles and genres. Wu Wei won many prestigious national and international competitions. His international engagements include appearances throughout the USA, Europe, Russia and the Middle and Far East, and he has given the world premieres of more than 300 works by composers including John Cage, Unsuk Chin, Jukka Tiensuu, Toshio Hosokawa, Enjott Schneider, Joerg Widmann, Guus Janssen, Tan Dun, Chen Qigang, Guo Weijing and Ruo Huang.