Carillon recital

At a lonely height of almost 80 meters, Gijsbert Kok plays the bells of the Hemony carillon in the Bavo tower.

Improvisation is the main part of the Festival this Saturday, so - how else - also in this carillon recital. Gijsbert's improvisations are inspired by themes from the history of the Haarlem Improvisation Competition.

Unfortunately he will not receive any prize today, because… he is already one of the Netherlands' top carillonneurs!


1 George Crumb (*1929): Easter Dawning (1992)

2 Gijbert Kok: 5 Improvisations on historical themes of 70 years Improvisation Competition:

- Passacaglia (Improvisation on a thema by Anders Bondeman, 1988)

- Thema met variaties (Improvisation on a thema by Luigi Fernando Tagliavini, 1959)

- Vrije improvisatie (on a thema by Hans Haselböck, 1992)

- Méditation (Improvisation on a thema by Ansgar Wallenhorst, 2016)

- Improvisation on two themes by Piet Kee

3 Roel van Oosten (*1958): Towards Victory (2020)


Gijsbert Kok studied organ, church music, improvisation and music theory at the Conservatories of The Hague, Tilburg and Rotterdam, and carillon at the Netherlands Carillon School in Amersfoort. He is city carillonneur of The Hague and Scheveningen and regular player of the carillons of Voorschoten and Zoetermeer.
He is also organist of the Abdijkerk in The Hague-Loosduinen and the American Protestant Church in The Hague. As music theory teacher he is affiliated with the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts). Gijsbert has a concert practice as a carillonneur, organist and accompanist.


Carillon recital
Gijsbert Kok
Toren van de Grote of St.-Bavokerk

Location(s): Bavotoren