Louis Vierne: Messe solenelle pour deux orgues et choeur

Haarlem is the home town for two important festivals: the International Organ Festival and the International Choral Biennale. The Festival Choir of the Choral Biennale, conducted by the Hungarian Béni Csillag, shines together with the two organists Dirk Luijmes and Ton van Eck in Louis Vierne’s famous Messe Solenelle for two organs and mixed choir. Also organ works by Hendrik Andriessen, and the seldomly performed Grand Choeur Dialogué for two organs by Eugène Gigout will be on the program. 

This concert is organized in cooperation with Zaterdagmiddagconcerten and the Cathedral Basilica St Bavo.

Koorbiennale Festival Choir
Conductor: Béni Csillag
Organists: Dirk Luijmes and Ton van Eck

Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986)
Pater Noster (choir a capella)

Eugène Gigout (1844-1925)
Grand Choeur Dialogué 
(Dirk Luijmes, Choir organ; Ton van Eck, Main organ)

Louis Vierne (1870-1837)
(Ton van Eck, Main organ)

Louis Vierne
Final (uit Symphonie No. 6)
(Ton van Eck, Main organ)

Hendrik Andriessen (1892-1981)
(Dirk Luijmes, Main organ)

Louis Vierne 
Messe pour deux orgues et choeur

Koorbiennale Festival Choir directed by Béni Csillag
Dirk Luijmes, Main organ
Ton van Eck, Choir organ

· Kyrie
· Gloria

· Offertoire: 
Hendrik Andriessen
Fête Dieu 
(Dirk Luijmes, Main organ)

· Sanctus
· Benedictus
· Agnus Dei 

Louis Vierne: Messe solenelle pour deux orgues et choeur
Koorbiennale Festivalkoor, conducted by Béni Csillag. Main organ: Dirk Luijmes - Choir organ: Ton van Eck
RK Basiliek St.-Bavo