Henny Hogenbijl Music Prize 2021 for Peter Ouwerkerk

Haarlem Organ Festival director Peter Ouwerkerk will receive the Henny Hogenbijl Music Prize 2021. This important Dutch prize, consisting of a statuette and € 15,000, is awarded annually to a person or organization that, often behind the scenes, makes a valuable contribution in the field of classical music. Peter Ouwerkerk is the driving force behind the International Organ Festival Haarlem and two foundations: Stichting OpenOor and Stichting StayTuned. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday 22 July 2021 during the International Organ Festival Haarlem in the Grote of St-Bavokerk in Haarlem.

Jury: Renewal and rejuvenation of the organ world

Since 2009, Peter Ouwerkerk has been the driving force behind the successful Haarlem Organ Festival, which is also anchored in contemporary music practice. As general director, he has raised the festival to its current level, always keeping an eye on artistic innovation. Ouwerkerk, who always puts himself in the background, is of great importance to this festival.

The jury judged that Peter Ouwerkerk, with innovative assignments and a keen eye for talent development, is a tireless driver within organ culture. “With the Young Talents Class, the Organ Day for Kids and with his new project StayTuned.nu, Ouwerkerk shows how future, present and past can be connected thanks to creativity and innovation”. The prize is an honorable recognition for all the work done and also an incentive to continue to innovate.

Ouwerkerk wants to spend the prize money on the StayTuned.nu project, with which he wants to stimulate organ playing teenagers to continue playing the organ with inspiring activities. For more information, visit www.staytuned.nu.
The award ceremony will take place during the Haarlem International Organ Festival on July 22, prior to the innovative performance Dreams as Messiaen. In this performance, organized by Peter's Stichting OpenOor, the music of Olivier Messiaen is combined with the projection of computer-generated colorful light images on the organ, based on the synesthesia of Messiaen's friend, painter Charles Blanc-Gatti. Organist is Gerrue Meijers, video artist is Marcel Wierckx. Click here for more information.