Zomeracademie 2022

Algemene informatie

Deze pagina is op dit moment alleen beschikbaar in het Engels


The corona situation in the Netherlands remains worrying. Despite a vaccination program we are still facing growing numbers of infected people and corona related hospitalization. Unlike some months ago, more and more young people are suffering from COVID-19. Also the introduction of different variants of the virus is not comforting. Unfortunately, the situation in Holland is not very different from other countries. 

Facing with this situation, the Board of the International Organ Festival is very sad to announce it's decision that it is irresponsible to continue the Summer Academy in 2021. The major argument is that it is still too risky to ask international students and professors to travel to Haarlem in these circumstances, and have masterclasses on organ lofts with sometimes very limited space.

We are very sorry to have to announce this sad message for the third time. Please trust that we do all we can to find ways to organize this event which is so important for many organists from all over the world. But safety is our first priority.

We are determined to organize the Summer Academy again in 2022, which will have the same program as planned for 2020. As soon as possible all students who subscribed for the Summer Academy in 2021 will receive a personal message from our manager Peter Ouwerkerk. All information about the Summer Academy in 2022 will be released on this website by the end of April. 


General information about the Haarlem International Summer Academy for Organists

Founded in 1955, the Summer Academy for Organists in the beautiful city of Haarlem quickly became a mecca for leading organists and students from all over the world. At the very centre of the Summer Academy is one of the most famous organs in the world: the eighteenth-century instrument by Christian Müller in the Bavokerk, in the historic city's main square. Around the corner, in the Philharmonie concert hall, is a fully restored three-manual Cavaillé-Coll organ. Many other important historical organs in the city are used by the teachers and students of the Summer Academy.

Opening weekend
The 2021 International Haarlem Organ Festival starts on Saturday 17 July with a day-long programme on the town’s many historic organs. In the evening a spectacular Festive Opening Concert in St Bavo's church will open the International Haarlem Organ Festival 2021. 

The 49th Summer Academy for Organists: meeting and discussion
The 2021 Summer Academy will provide not only a programme of international masterclasses but also opportunity for meeting and discussion between teachers and students. The Summer Academy is open to undergraduates (studying at a professional music education institute, like a Conservatoire, University of Arts  or Musikhochschule) and to graduates active as performing musicians. It will take place from Monday 19 July to Friday 23 July 2021. You can choose courses from a diversity of composers, topics and professors. Each student is expected to attend all five lessons of the course(s) you subscribed for. In case of absence without valid reason you will not be admitted to the lessons any longer. There will be no refund of any course fee or B&B payment. All students who attended all lessons will receive a certificate testifying to their attendance at the Summer Academy.
Please be aware that in 2021 each course will be attended by a maximum of 8 students, which means that playing time need to be shared with all participants. There is no guarantee that you may play at each lesson. The professor is instructed to divide the available playing time as fair as possible.
In case you prepared your repertoire poorly, your active status may be altered into passive, to avoid loss of playing time and disappointment by the other students.

Festival Excursion to the South 
On Saturday, July 24, 2021, we will organize an excursion to Breda, 's-Hertogenbosch and Helmond in the southern provinces of the Netherlands. If the COVID-19 crisis thwarts this plan, we will postpone the excursion until Saturday, July 23, 2022.

Tuition will be in English. It is therefore absolutely essential that all students have a good understanding of this language.
NL: De voertaal van de Zomeracademie is Engels. Alle studenten dienen deze taal goed te verstaan.
D: Die Unterrichtssprache der Akademie ist die Englische Sprache. Alle Studenten sollen gut Englisch verstehen.
F: La langue véhiculaire de l'Académie étant l'anglais, toutes les étudiants doivent avoir une connaissance passive de cette langue.

Further information
During the Summer Academy a limited range of practise instruments will be available in Haarlem and the vicinity. The festival organisation reserves the right to change the SummerAcademy programme should unavoidable circumstances arise; academy students will be informed of any necessary changes.

Where to stay
Applicants can request help in arranging accommodation on the academy application form. Simple B&B lodgings will be available in private homes, mainly in the suburbs of Haarlem (within app. 30 minutes travel from the centre of the festival). Costs for B&B are €39,50 p.p.p.n. Single rooms can not be guaranteed.