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54th Haarlem International Improvisation Competition 2022

The next Haarlem International Organ Improvisation Competition takes place on Wednesday 20, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July 2022. This oldest and world-famous Improvisation Competition is open for professional improvising organists. Since 2018 there is no age limit for participation. For many organists, winning 'Haarlem' was a boost for their international career!

The winner of the competition is invited to perform organ recitals in The Netherlands and other countries in and outside Europe, and also receives a prize of 7,000 euro. The winner of the audience award will receive 1,000 euro, sponsored by Flentrop Orgelbouw BV. In 2022 a new Award will be introduced: the Prize for the Best Improvisation during the competition. The winner will receive € 500.

How to participate

Click here to find the thematic material for the Preliminary Round.

Those who want to participate can send the recording to the organization until March 1, 2022. Please use WeTransfer or a similar transmission website, using the email address to announce the recording. The improvisations will be judged anonimously by a jury. In total 8 organists will participate in the Competition. They will be announced before April 1, 2022.

On the pages in the drop-down menu under 'Improvisation Competition' you will find more information about the Haarlem Improvisation Competition in 2022 in due time.

Competition Bach Festival Dordrecht
Dutch organists can also be admitted to the Haarlem Improvisation Competition by winning the Organ Competition during the Bach Festival Dordrecht. Click here for more information.

All participants will be housed at our expense in Haarlem during their participation in the Competition. They are expected to arrive in Haarlem on Monday 18 July 2022. Travel expenses and any additional nights after your participation will not be reimbursed.