Information in English only

This information concerns the Summer Academy of 2018 and is only informative. The courses of the Academy in 2020 will be on the website around the Summer of 2019.

16-21 July: week 1

  1. repertoire list 1a Bach-1 (with focus on French-inspired works by Bach) - Olivier Latry
  2. repertoire list 3a Bach-2 - Lorenzo Ghielmi
  3. course 7b Improvisation-1 - Franz Danksagmüller - additional information follows soon
  4. course 7c Improvisation-2 - Vincent Thévenaz - additional information follows soon
  5. repertoire list 5b Italian Organ repertoire - Lorenzo Ghielmi
  6. repertoire list 3b César Franck - Olivier Latry and Ben van Oosten (each 3 lessons)
  7. repertoire list 1b Widor and Vierne - Ben van Oosten
  8. repertoire list 5c English romantic organ music - Ben van Oosten (short course, 3 lessons)
  9. repertoire list 5a Contemporary music - Bernhard Haas
  10. course 7a Young Composers - Zsigmond Szathmáry
  11. course 0 Young Talents - several professors


23-28 July: week 2

  1. repertoire list 2a Bach-3 - Reitze Smits
  2. repertoire list 4a Bach-4 - Leo van Doeselaar
  3. repertoire list 6a Sweelinck - Menno van Delft (with masterclasses in Pieterskerk Leiden and clavichord-workshop)
  4. repertoire list 8a Scheidemann and J. Praetorius - Leo van Doeselaar (with masterclasses in Pieterskerk Leiden)
  5. repertoire list 6b French Baroque repertoire - Jean-Baptiste Robin
  6. repertoire list 2b From Froberger to Mozart - Roman Summereder
  7. repertoire list 2c César Franck - Louis Robilliard    
  8. repertoire list 8b Organ music between Expressionism, Neoclassicism and ‘Orgelbewegung’ (1930-1970) - Roman Summereder
  9. repertoire list 8c Alain, Messiaen and their influence on 21st century organ music - Jean-Baptiste Robin
  10. repertoire list 6c Organ Transcriptions-1 - Bach, Mozart and Mendelssohn - Reitze Smits
  11. repertoire list 4b Organ Transcriptions-2 - Franz Liszt and Gabriel Fauré (transcriptions by Liszt himself and by others) - Louis Robilliard
  12. course 0 Young Talents - several professors