This information concerns the Improvisation Competition of 2018 and is only informative. The information about the Competition in 2020 will be on the website around the Summer of 2019.


The competition is open to professional organists of all ages. They are expected to have recital experience in improvisation and must be prepared to tackle technically demanding and sometimes experimental material in prescribed and free forms. 

Those wishing to take part in the competition are required to:

  • fill in the online application form
  • to send a scan of a recent and valid passport or ID to office@organfestival.nl or send it by post
  • send a recording of five improvisations (or one improvisation in 5 parts) making use of the thematic material composed by Thomas Lacôte (Paris, France) which can be found here
  • so submit by March 1st 2018 this recording (.mp3 or .wav), to be send preferably by WeTransfer to office@organfestival.nl, or by post mail on CD (no Mini-Disc or audio-tape, see for more details under). 

 Your application is complete when it has been confirmed by the festival office.

Postal delivery

Applicants who don’t want to make use of WeTransfer are advised to send recordings by registered priority post addressed to our office postal address (to be requested with an e-mail to office@organfestival.nl - don’t use any old postal addresses), and to send us an e-mail to inform us that the recording has been posted; confirmation will be sent when the recording has arrived. You are advised to keep their original recording and submit a copy!


Application is now open. The recording must be in our possession by March 1st 2018; the organisation cannot be held responsible for applications received after that date.

The recordings will be judged by an independent jury. The results of the preliminary round will be announced as soon as possible and not later than April 1st 2018.