Info aanmelding en betaling

This information concerns the Summer Academy of 2018 and is only informative. The courses of the Academy in 2020 will be on the website around the Summer of 2019.


Registration fees 

Summer Academy € 90 (non-refundable and only to be paid once, irrespective of the number of courses)
Young Talents (age <18) € 0


  • Your Summer Academy application is only definite when payment of the Registration fee, course fee and B&B arrangement (if reserved) is received. You may try to reserve B&B later, but we can’t guarantee there will be a private guesthouse available then.
  • All payments should be received immediately with your application.
  • The repertoire you will prepare for the courses should be notified to the organization by 1 March 2018 by e-mail to, or (when application takes place after this date) immediately with your application.
  • N.B. if you do not, your student status will be adjusted to Passive!

Bed & Breakfast

  • The Festival organization offers a special Bed & Breakfast arrangement for your stay in Haarlem. The fee for this B&B arrangement is € 35 for one person a night, excl. tourist taxes. This should be reserved with your application and be paid in advance. Students making use of the B&B arrangement will be housed in private guest houses in or close to the city centre of Haarlem.
  • If a student is joined by (max. 1) non-student, he or she can also be housed in the same private guest house (if available). This arrangement is € 45 a night, excl. tourist taxes. This should be mentioned on the student’s online application form.


  • In case you cancel your course or B&B arrangement:
  • Be aware that the registration fee (€ 90) will not be refunded.
  • When cancelling before April 30th 2018, 75% of the paid fees will be refunded.
  • When you cancel after May 1st, no refund will be possible, except when your cancellation is caused by visa complications (see under) or by an unexpected change in your medical condition.
  • In this last instance please send us an original doctor’s statement. If excepted we will refund 75 % of the paid fees.
  • After July 14th 2018, no fee will be refunded in any case. So, check your personal travel insurance!


  • The Festival Organization can help with visa applications (invitation letters etc.) after we received your course fee payment. However, it’s your responsibility to start visa procedures in time! When your visa application is not completed on or after June 30th 2018, we will not refund any paid fees.

How to pay

  • Payment is possible via the website, or by money transfer to our bank account.

Group discount

  • When you join the Summer Academy with a group of more then 5 students, please send us an email to inform about our discount fees!